Washroom cubicle doors - Developments and Design

Washroom cubicle doors

When choosing the correct material for washroom cubicle doors there are various options to consider and a wide range of components to not only offer aesthetic flexibility, but more importantly, to be durable, and with stand various degrees of wear and tear and foot fall.

All projects will have different requirements, and various demanding environments and the material chosen will have to meet all those expectations. These must be carefully selected to provide an array of surfacing solutions to achieve outstanding performance and longevity. Functionality and safety are also key factors.

MFC Melamine faced chipboard

Melamine Faced Chipboard incorporates two decorative melamine surfaces bonded to both sides of high density, moisture resistant chipboard under high pressure and temperature.  All visible MFC panels have impact resistant, PVC edging applied. MFC is a cost effective, hygienic and lightweight solution for all non-wet toilet areas. MFC offers an economic, cost-conscious option for day-to-day applications and we feel this is best suited for toilet cubicles with lower traffic where abuse is unlikely.

SGL Solid grade laminate

Solid Grade Laminate, or SGL is both hard wearing and extremely water resistant while also offering antibacterial properties and being easy to wipe clean, making it a popular choice in hospitals for washroom cubicle doors. It is also the best choice for any areas with high usage such as service stations and campsites, areas where vandalism may be an issue – it’s a great choice for school toilets – and a total must for any wet areas.

HPL High pressure laminate

This is made from moisture resistant chipboard with water-resistant laminate faces and matching lipping. A popular choice, HPL will withstand medium to intense use, making it the perfect specification for schools toilets, offices and restaurants. HPL isn’t suitable for areas which are constantly wet such as leisure centres and campsite changing rooms. It is a versatile material that has both high impact and scratch resistance benefits whilst being water resistant and easy to clean.

CGL compact grade laminate

Constructed from multiple layers of high quality kraft paper, reinforced by thermosetting resins under high pressure and temperature. This produces tough, high density, totally waterproof and hygienic panels that have a high level of strength. All visible CGL panel edges are machined to a smooth round profile. CGL is the ideal choice for washroom and changing room areas that have very high traffic, robust and wet conditions.

For further information on choosing the correct washroom cubicle doors for your project please contact us here.

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