The impact of Covid-19 in Commercial Washrooms - Developments and Design

The impact of Covid-19 in Commercial Washrooms

The current pandemic has caused us to revaluate all our lives and at the forefront of this is the absolute need for hygiene and cleanliness too step up a gear to combat this disease and allow us to return to some normality, albeit  in a different way to which we are used to. One of the main fears is public places and the possibility of germs spreading and the impact of Covid-19 in commercial washrooms seems to be a concern for most.

Cleaning regimes and a quest to prevent cross infection occurring are paramount and there are ways to make this safer and regain confidence within our environment. The main key points will be to minimise touch as much as possible and this is where sensor products will really come into their own.

Hand Dryers

The most popular solution to the old fashioned paper towels has evolved with technology to the sensor activated dryers.  The benefits of these compared to paper towels are that hand dryers require far less maintenance. New high-speed dryers eliminate both the stress of facing an empty paper towel dispenser and a washroom littered with used paper towels. It also helps with germs and possible infection and looks more modern and aesthetically pleasing.

Although some reports are varied and some concerns are that the air will spread, this is still the most effective way to minimise touch. In a washroom, a single operation of a typical hand dryer would only disturb 2% to 3% of the volume in the air and is unlikely to contribute to the spread of microbes.

Hand Sanitisers

The demand for hand sanitisers has risen dramatically since the outbreak of COVID-19 with many realising that this above all other precautions is the most important thing we can be doing to combat the spread of Covid-19.

As the world moves towards a “new normal” following the global pandemic, a range of automatic non-touch hand sanitisers within public places will be effective and efficient.  The placement of these products could see a rise in not only inside the commercial washroom, but also outside as an added precaution once exiting the facilities.

Wall Hung Toilets

Wall hung toilets are becoming an increasingly popular option for those looking to create contemporary style bathrooms and compared with their more conventional counterparts, wall hung toilets can offer a number of practical benefits in the importance of hygienic washrooms and to combat the impact of Covid-19 in commercial washrooms.

Wall hung toilets have a unique look, where the toilet is suspended above the floor with a concealed cistern in the wall, and include sensor flush plates. This enables easier cleaning with less opportunity for germs to gather in concealed places, improving hygiene standards throughout.  This will help and assist in all deep cleans which will now become a daily occurrence in public places.

Privacy/Modesty Panels

The 2 metre rule has been installed in us over the last few months in all that we do and within a new design of commercial washrooms this will need to be factored in.  Privacy screens may be installed to ensure distance is maintained and the possibility of monitoring actual foot fall into public washrooms at their busiest may also become the new norm.  Panels can also be designed and installed between urinals providing both improved hygiene and privacy.

Sensor Taps

Sensor taps have become increasingly popular as the taps are not only more water efficient but also improve hygiene standards without the user having to touch them. With a non touch move becoming increasingly popular by minimising the amount of exposure to potentially infected surfaces, these will in turn, boost public confidence in the cleanliness of public conveniences,  Maintenance is often lower as there is no accidental overflow issues and temperatures can be set to avoid any chance of scalding.


Bacteria can thrive in grout lines. A more hygienic alternative to wall and floor tiles and much easier to deep clean and keep sanitised, is to replace with wallboards and slip resistant vinyl safety flooring, both available in a decorative range of colours.  Cubicle doors are also a factor, and our waterproof, cubicle panel systems in Melamine Faced Chipboard and Compact Grade Laminate provide an easy wipe down option to clean and maintain.

If you would like to discuss potential hygiene and safety measures that could be implemented and the how to reduce the impact of Covid-19 in commercial washrooms, please get in touch-0121 351 5169.

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