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The benefits of safety flooring for a commercial washroom

Safety flooring is specially engineered and designed to minimise risk and provide safe movement in areas that are exposed to the spillage of contaminants in low to high traffic commercial environments such as commercial washrooms, kitchens, behind bars and break out areas. The importance of these products is their slip resistance especially when the floors are wet.

We are key suppliers of Polyflor who are at the forefront of this sector. Polysafe Standard PUR is a hugely popular and highly available safety vinyl range combining the assurance of sustainable slip resistance with high durability for years of performance. Available in 16 traditional and clean designs, the range incorporates safety aggregates in the vinyl to create a safe yet attractive interior in commercial or residential settings Polysafe Standard features the exclusive Polysafe PUR reinforcement for optimum appearance retention & superior cleaning benefits.

Approximately 90% of slips and falls in the workplace occur when the floor is wet with water or contaminated with other substances. There is a common misconception that many slips ‘just happen’ and that little can be done about it however, this isn’t true. Introducing good slip prevention measures, especially in high risk areas, can both cut injuries by as much as 50% and also cover you in terms of the law if managed effectively.

Commercial washrooms are undoubtedly a highly utilised space in any commercial premises, and why it is of great importance to introduce a flooring which is high in durability with slip resistance. Not only this, after choosing a flooring that can withstand high footfall and optimum safety, it’s also important to have the area regularly checked in order to ensure it still meets HSE standards after high levels of use. However, they are highly prone to water spillages from people washing their hands and therefore it is important to have a flooring which suits wet conditions. Further to this, it should be emphasised to cleaning staff that this is an area not to be missed.  The safety and sustainability of your restroom flooring is of upmost importance and careful consideration into the type of safety flooring installed at planning stage is imperative to your design.

At Developments and Design we offer extensive advice for selecting a slip-resistant safety floor covering and recommend before a floor covering is specified, an initial risk assessment of the floor area is taken to ensure that all the potential risks are taken into account, and to determine the type of flooring required the following questions need to be considered:-

  • Likely contaminants in the area?
  • Will the flooring receive regular oil, grease, or other forms of contamination, necessitating a more specialist safety floor?
  • Maintenance -How is the floor going to be cleaned, and how often?
  • Footwear – Is this controlled, or is the area open to the public?
  • Nature of traffic and behaviour of users
  • What will be the likely level of footfall and user movement on the floor?
  • Will users be continually pushing and pulling trolleys; will children be running etc?
  • Life expectancy – Does the level of footfall and punishment the floor will take over the years require a product with a 10-year guarantee?
  • Aesthetics – Is it important for the safety floor to be very visible to the public, with a requirement to be decorative, yet also slip-resistant?

If you are looking for advice and would like to discuss the plus side to safety flooring our experienced team are on hand to help and assist with the correct choice for you. Please contact us here or call us on 0121 569 3169.


Image used courtesy of Polyflor

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