Commercial washroom facilities for schools - Developments and Design

Commercial washroom facilities for schools

There are various factors to consider when designing commercial washroom facilities for schools and education, which go much further in detail than just aesthetically pleasing.  They need to be functional, easy to clean and cost efficient.  All of this is possible with a modern, contemporary look whilst maintaining high durability.

Toilet Cubicles

There is no getting away from it, the cubicles and the toilet itself are going to experience a great deal of wear and tear, and must withstand the test of time and be designed with a long life cycle in mind.  School toilets can sadly be susceptible to misuse so a durable and reliable design and materials must be used to deal with the harsh environment.  For Middle and Secondary School washrooms, although the focus is geared towards a sleek design, durability is also important.  But privacy in this age group is also imperative and the requirement could range from floor to ceiling units (offering complete privacy) or with ceiling level space (to avoid antisocial behaviour and offering emergency access).

Hand Dryers

Hand dryers within the education sector need to be energy efficient, sustainable and fit for purpose. Some of your choices will be dependant on the age of the children.  For example, younger children in primary schools may benefit from a low noise factor for not only the children but for surrounding areas nearby to reduce noise reduction.  They of course also still need to be robust and reliable and within secondary schools the possibility of misuse is still present and needs to be considered at planning stage.  Hand dryers more hygienic and eco-friendly than paper towels – they are also, despite the initial outlay, far more cost effective.

Wash Basins

Many options are available with cost efficiency and style being top of the list.  Safety is paramount in schools and It is advisable that temperature-limiting devices are fitted to taps, reducing instances of scalding. Infrared taps are also growing in popularity in schools, which go a step further in terms of water conservation.

Wash troughs can sometimes be favourable to individual wash basins, they look nice and are easy to clean whilst also having a reduced risk of flooding. Students take pride in facilities that are more aesthetically pleasing, lowering instances of anti-social behaviour, while the robust nature of troughs makes them resistant to possible misuse.

Another option is to consider moving hand washing facilities into  a communal area.  We carried out this change at Slade Primary School (see project here) where we opened out the corridor which created a communal washing facilities and allowed for more cubicles, which also enabled closer supervision on the children.

The complete design of school toilet facilities undoubtedly has a great impact on the overall wellbeing of students, so every aspect of their construction should be carefully planned.

We are highly experienced in supplying nursery, primary and secondary schools with extensive knowledge of various project sizes of all sizes and can assist you in your design and ideas.

For more details on Designing commercial washroom facilities for schools please contact us here.

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